Arwen's Fate

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Analysis (whoo, scientific): It kills me, Elrond has the fanciest hair styles ever, and we never even see them properly. From what I can tell, the hair is combed straight back in the center, with the two sides in two small braids, probably fishtails (pictures 2 and 4). The braids are coiled into a circle on the back of the head, and twisted around each other at the base of the loops (pictures 2 and 3). It's not really clear exactly how that's done or how it's held.

Directions: I would try this first with normal braids, I think, since fishtails are so time-consuming. Gather a small piece of hair from each side of the head and braid them. Bring them around to the back of the head and pin them, bringing each one around into a loop and tucking the ends down so that they blend into the hair that's hanging loose. Pin securely, and that's it!