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Analysis (whoo, scientific): While this style is only in extended scenes, or ever ones that didn't make it into either version of the film, I thought it was interesting because it's virtually identical to Galadrield's style. The hair is parted, with the top of the sides pulled back. The bottom of the sides hangs in front of the ear, while another section lays behind the ear. You can see in picture 3 that the two ladies have the same hairstyle.

Directions: Part your hair for the first few inches. Take a strip of hair from each side along the first few inches the part and pull it back, tucking it under the hair in the back and pinning it to hold it. Now take a small piece of the hair closest to your face (minus the part you just pulled back) and bring it in front of your ear. Moving back an inch or two, take a second strip of hair and put it in front of your shoulder but behind your ear. Do the same on the other side. Braiding the hair wet then taking it out once it's dry will give you waves very similar to the original.