Theodred's Funeral

My version:

Reference images:

Analysis (whoo, scientific): Another style for which I would give my right arm for a decent picture of the back. We only see the front and side, so a lot of this is extrapolation or just a guess. The hair is parted down the center, with a circlet around the head. The sides are held down by the circlet, but then they are loosely twisted and looped over the circlet (picture 1). Now it gets a bit vague; the hair is obviously twisted into some kind of low, wide bun, but it's unclear how it's woven and/or braided. My best guess is that the rest of the hair is loosely braided, then coiled into a low, wide bun. You can see what looks like the sections of the braid in pictures 1 and 2, and you can see the sides of the bun on either side of her head in picture 3.

Directions: Part your hair for the first several inches. Get your circlet/ribbon/whatever and tie/fasten it around your head over all of the hair. Now take the sides of the hair and twist them, looping them up over your circlet thingamajig. Fiddle with it and pin it until it looks how you want. Now braid the rest of the hair into a loose braid, and coil it into a low and wide bun, pinning it securely. You can coil the rest of the twisted sides just above the main bun, hiding the tie on the ribbon/circlet and generally covering up any less-than-perfect parts. That's it!