This is where it all started; Star Wars was the first movie from which I tried to copy the styles, and they're still the styles I get asked most often about. The Star Wars styles are extremely imaginative (sometimes bizarre) and lots of fun to do. However, Star Wars being a ginormous franchise, the costumers had practically unlimited resources. Almost every single style in the movies has at least one hairpiece or complicated headdress involved. Many of the styles *can* be done realistically with a normal head of hair, but some are bordering on impossible. I've done what I could using my own hair and cheap props (tupperware and towels!), but these aren't perfect replicas by any stretch. The main requirement for these styles is long hair; it won't be easy to get the same look with short hair, and some of the styles simply don't work for hair above shoulder length.

To navigate the styles, just click on the link for the particular portion of the saga that you're interested in. The styles for that movie are listed on their own separate page; just click on the corresponding thumbnail. Many of the reference pictures are very large resolution, so be sure to check to see if they're expandable so you can see the full-size version. Have fun!