Episode I

Episode I has some of the most difficult styles in the saga. The ornate, ceremonial styles Amidala wears rely heavily on padding and/or forms to create the shapes. Padme's styles are still complicated, but less showy. The length and amount of hair are relatively consistent throughout the movie, more so than in the other two prequels. However, the time required to replicate some of these styles is pretty horrendous, and I've pretty much despaired of ever getting a couple of them right. Definitely a challenging bunch of 'dos! Alas, these are the worst pictures on the site in terms of my versions, because they're the oldest and I really didn't know what I was doing yet. Not that I do now, but you know. Also, I don't really do anything with the headdresses; see a costuming site such as Padawan's Guide for that.



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